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Monday, 14 April 2014

Happenings in our Village

It’s been all go in our village over the last week.  The empty section next door is empty no more, the diggers have been in to level it out, then the profiles were put in place.  Concrete edging blocks were put in place around the edge, then sheets of heavy steel mesh laid in place  Then finally, the concrete trucks rumbled in, one after another,  to pump out a never ending supply of concrete.

P4110003Not nearly filled up yet

The builders are a happy bunch and spent quite some time well into the dark hours levelling off the concrete.  With that job done, more supplies will no doubt arrive very soon for the next stage of the build. 

While all this activity was going on outside, we had an electrician around to do a small job inside for us.  While we were at the planning stage of our own build, we arranged for two television plugs to be put in on different walls of the sitting room.  But, we have since decided, perhaps it would be better to site the TV on a third wall.  This meant a trip up the folding ladder to the loft space to deal with the electrics up there.

P4110005   He’s gone up the ladder

Next job was to run the wires down the wall in the garage, and cover them neatly with a capping.  Cut a small hole through the wall into the sitting room, wire everything up neatly, and then it was all done.  The TVs worked first pop without any adjustments, so that means that the job was done correctly.

P4110007 Finishing off the job

Our newly arranged sitting room seems to be working well.  Muffy certainly thinks so, anyway.


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