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Monday, 21 April 2014

Big Boys Toys and Painted Eggs

Our host for the weekend, Farmer Noel, invited us to look around his truck collection.  There is nothing modest about this collection, and Noel told us the whys and wherefores of the various items he had collected over the years.

P4200010 Some of the many trucks on display

P4200017Ford L8000


P4200016 Noel even had a Dodge fire engine in his collection. 

In the evening we gathered together for an egg decorating competition. taking our hard boiled eggs, felt tip pens and whatever else we thought we might need.  The concentration was intense as we all got creative, in my case with glue and glitter, which got all over the place, I might add.  Our creative endeavours were judged by Bill, with Selwyn declared the winner. 
P4200020 Decorated eggs

Our Easter weather at Coppermine Camp was varied to say the least, with everything from torrential rain, wind, a thunder clap or two, sunshine and back to more wind and rain.  I discovered that there were scary wild animals on the farm, which emit strange blood curdling  noises in the dead of night.  I was making my way back from the ablution block with only a pitifully weak torch to light my way, and thought something nasty was after me.  I couldn’t get back to the caravan fast enough, and Robin laughingly told me that it was only a possum.  Maybe so – but it sounded like a vicious predator to me! 

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