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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Coppermine Camp, Woodville

Eerie mist blanketed the farm in the early morning – too good a photo opportunity to miss.  So I sneaked outside in my dressing gown and took a few shots.

P4190024 Misty morning on the farm

Might as well check the chippy heater too while I was wide awake.  At this camp, no fire means no hot water for the showers.  But wouldn’t you know, the fire had gone out overnight.  Perhaps I’ll have a go at lighting it, I thought.  Hadn’t done this sort of chore for many a long year, but I crumpled up some newspaper, laid kindling on top, threw in a match or two, and success.  I draw the line at chopping wood though, that’s what we have the blokes for.

P4190026  I passed the early morning fire lighting test

The full complement of seven vans are now on site, enjoying the rural surroundings.  The farm runs about 5000 sheep, Farmer Noel told us, plus steers as well.

P4180020 This way to the camp

The horrendous wind has dropped and we enjoyed Morning Tea outside in the fresh air.  Being in the country can have a down-side though, we were surrounded by big black flies.  Armed to the teeth with various fly swats, our club members were ready to do battle with these nasty little interlopers, along with the occasional wasp.  Selwyn and Peter’s fly swats paled into insignificance alongside Val’s battery operated little blue number, which zaps the life out of the little blighters without leaving a squashy mess.

P4190027 Ready to deal with the rural flies

A mob of sheep started to run down the driveway alongside the camp.  Robin jumped up quickly to shut the gate in case any disoriented sheep decided to check out the caravans.  But they were totally focused on following the sheep in front, and didn’t deviate from their route at all.  The ones in front found some nice fresh grass to munch on till the quad bike and dogs caught up with them.

P4190034 Just stopping for a nibble

P4190035 Here comes the boss

The clouds rolled in and the skies opened up late morning, so that sent everyone scurrying inside.  Noel the farmer had mentioned that he was waiting for some decent rain, and here it was.  The farmers are always pleased to have rain to keep their paddocks green. 

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