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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Caravan Update

“Where’s your caravan?” one of the neighbours in the village who owns a motor-home wanted to know.  He had noticed that it had been missing all week from the allocated parking area, and here we were at home, so we were obviously not out and about travelling.   The caravan had been taken down to the repairers on Monday, together with two boxes of wheel assemblies which included the brake components, these had been sent down to us from the manufacturers.

P3300014 Parts to fix the brakes

It’s not going to be an easy fix, we have since found out.  As well as ripping the brake cables and detaching the brake plates, it seems that some damage has been done to the axle.  Oh dear – that sounds expensive!

So the repairer is waiting for a new axle to be delivered to his workshop, and we are waiting for the insurance rep to make his inspection and report back.  Just hope the caravan will be all fixed for our next trip away shortly.

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