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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Rally just down the road

We were invited to attend a small alternate NZMCA rally just down the road from us, held at “Summerset by the Ranges”.   But our caravan is currently in hospital getting the brakes fixed so we were unable to attend.  That didn’t stop us from popping in for Happy Hour yesterday and meeting up with lots of people we hadn’t seen for some time.  The setting behind the villas in the Retirement Village is lovely, a nice grassed area with plenty of shady trees, just enough room for the 15 or so vans taking part.  The plan for this small rally was mooted as there is no area rally planned as a lot of members will be travelling to the South Island for the big Easter Rally at Mosgiel.

P4010032 Motor-homes parked up at Summerset by the Ranges

Being seasoned caravanners, we remembered to pack our folding chairs in the back of the car, plus a cool drink or two, and we joined in the happy circle.  Some of the residents joined in too, just to see what these people who spend time driving the highways and bi-ways get up to.  Summerset management provided dishes of hot cheerios, tomatoe sauce and bread and butter, which went down a treat, especially with the men.  Most boys, whether big or small, will not say "no" to a hot sav and sauce!

P4010030 Happy Hour

There seems to be quite a full programme set for this mid week rally, and no doubt there the Summerset sales team will be making their pitch to the attendees as well.  We wish them all a Happy Rally!

P4010034 Allison,  Rally Organiser, handing out the last of the cheerios

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