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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sunday Morning Car Rally

Handed an instruction sheet, we got into the cars, ready for an adventure along the local roads.  Dot and Derek were our back seat passengers, and Robin was revving the car up, keen and eager for the time keeper to send us on our way.


Turning left at the driveway was the first clue.  We travelled along country roads, stopping here and there to retrieve  bags of goodies hidden inside letter boxes.  And answering questions along the way, such as what was the name of that school, look for two signs close together, (cows crossing, as it turned out) and recording the name on the front of the next two story building we pass.  It was so busy I didn’t think to take photos as we drove along.  The other two cars crossed our path from time to time, and had us wondering if they were going the wrong way, or perhaps it was us!  Eventually we arrived back at our hosts home in time for lunch.

Then it was prize giving.  Dot was the prize winner for the various games played over the weekend.  Well done, Dot.


There was a sweepstake running on the Saturday evening WBO World Heavyweight Title Fight between Joseph Parker from New Zealand and  Andy Ruiz from Mexico, and Geoff and Eileen were declared the winners in their prediction.  And Geoff, Eileen and Glenys won the car rally.  After the winners had been rewarded with a chocolate Santa, Sandra then passed the basket of goodies around so that everyone got a little something.

Sandra, Glenys, and Dennis, with Selwyn looking on

We started packing up after lunch and headed home, then unpacked and cleaned the van, all ready for the next trip away.  Many thanks to Don and Sandra, our hosts had done a marvelous job or organizing the Christmas Rally for the club.

Camped on the front lawn, surrounded with roses

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Janice said...

What a fun event. I do like your van setting. You won't get much nicer than that.