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Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Rally at Koputaroa

Our club enjoyed a caravan rally in the country at Koputaroa last weekend.  And to reinforce that we were indeed in the country, amongst the animals, a sign on the driveway spelt it all out to us townies.  Just so we were forewarned about what could well be going on over the fence.


Sandra and Don hosted the Christmas rally at their rural property, and all the vans fitted on to their front lawn without any problems.  We arrived in the early Friday afternoon, settled in, and relaxed under the shade as we whiled away the afternoon.  And in no time at all, it was time for 4zees.  So we stayed where we were, enjoying the sunshine and lovely country atmosphere.

Vans on site

The beautiful gardens are Sandra’s passion and the roses made a lovely show.


Hamburgers were on the menu for Friday evening and Don did a great job of cooking them for us all.  Then it was up to us to assemble our burger, just the way we wanted it, with buns available and plenty of extra fillings.

Don – the Burger Master

While the burgers were cooking, we were entertained by Geoff Herewini, who sang a selection of country ballads.  It must be a sign of old age, but we knew the words to just about all of them.  And when he asked for requests, I couldn’t help myself – and Geoff obliged with his version of my favourite song “Ten Guitars” just for me.

Dinner entertainment

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