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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Tiki Tour from Marton and back

It’s a win-win situation.  The driver loves getting away in the caravan, and the navigator loves to plan a trip around a quilt show or two.  So here we are taking a short road trip – just a couple of nights in Marton and then on to Wanganui.  Packing up and hitting the road mid morning we arrived at the NZMCA site in Marton in time for lunch.  A look at the map suggested a round trip for the afternoon, taking us on a couple of roads not yet explored. 

Leaving Marton behind we drove up SH1, stopping at Hunterville.  The original plan was to stop for coffee, but we were seduced by the large sign offering “Real Fruit Ice-cream”.  Just what we needed on such a lovely sunny day.  It was strawberry for him and blackberry for her, and we joined a family group outside on the picnic table watching all the heavy traffic thunder through Hunterville.


Skirting around the back streets of Hunterville we were soon out in the country, driving through  pine forests and hill country farmlands.

PA010015 Radiata Pine Forests

The car came to an abrupt stop and had to back up quickly when a large spotted pig was sighted.  What a beauty she was – there were a few little piglets too but they were keeping themselves well hidden and out of photo range.

PA010010 Who’s a pretty pig, then?

Climbing up and up we came to a parking area where a couple of other cars were enjoying the view.  We had reached A H Collins Park and the vista was beautiful, with the rolling countryside stretching in front of us for miles and miles.


PA010020 Views from the top

Everything that goes up has to come down, and the road dropped lower and lower, taking us through Fordell, and on to Turakina.  No need to travel down busy SH3, we turned off onto another minor road which took us straight through to Marton.  Our Tiki Tour in the afternoon took us over 102kms, and it is always interesting to travel over new roads.

Not far to go now, our Tiki Tour is almost over

Several other vans and motor-homes had arrived in camp while we were out and about.  It’s a  very popular stop-over for a night or two, and the volunteers always keep the grounds nice and tidy.  Muffy meowed to welcome us back then promptly went back to sleep.  It won’t be long until she will be wide awake and noisily demanding her evening meal.

PA010028 On site in Marton

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