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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Marton – Kowhai Blossom town

The main road into Marton is such a pretty sight.  Kowhai trees line the road and are in full blossom, signalling the start of Spring.  Once a watering place for farmers driving their stock, Marton was formed when four early settlers subdivided their holdings into house lots.  The town started to grow quickly from 1865 when the building of the  railway line began.

PA020018 Kowhai trees in blossom line the road

Yesterday’s neighbours at the NZMCA park in Marton departed bright and early.  One lot was heading south and was a little concerned about their trip over Cook Strait.  Others were driving north to catch up with family.  So we were all alone here for a while, except for a great big 5th wheeler parked down the back of the camp.

PA020013 All on our lonesome

But going downtown for a couple of hours soon out paid to our lonely status.  A couple of different rigs have pulled into the park, and there is plenty of time for some more to arrive before darkness falls.  NZMCA parks such as this are so reasonably priced, nice and safe with strong gates locked at night to keep any trouble makers out.  We  really don’t know why people would bother to freedom camp on the side of the road when this sort of overnight parking is available.

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