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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Heading Home again

We spent our last evening in Wanganui enjoying a meal out in the Wanganui East Club Restaurant.  Luckily we knew to book a table, or else we could have been waiting for ages, as there were several large groups in the restaurant.  As expected, our meal was delicious, roast pork with all the trimmings for her, and five spice pork belly for him.  He gave me a tiny taste, wouldn’t share any more - next time I’m having what he had!

PA040079 Waiting for our meals

A stranger approached our table and asked if we were the “Romany Ramblers?”. As it turns out, John is a member of the NZMotorhome Forum, as Robin is, and had recognised his photo from Forum chat.   Wearing his Romany Rambler jersey probably gave the game away too.  John and his wife Denise had parked up at the Club for a couple of nights, and have been travelling the country for quite a few months now.  We were invited to their caravan when we had finished our meal.  So we did, and had a lovely evening with them.  The topics covered were wide ranging, from caravans, tow vehicles, favourite places to camp, and future plans.  It was lovely to meet them, and put faces to names.

The gale force winds had dropped a little overnight, and although still windy, it was nowhere near as strong as it had been. We never did get to have a walk  around  the property, but I took a quick peep through the gate at the private golf course.

PA050081 Private golf course at our POP.

After our usual Sunday morning bacon and egg breakfast, we packed up the caravan and hooked up, all ready to hit the road again. Muffy helped by checking out the lockers for us.

PA050082 No mice in here, Mum

As we thanked our POP hosts for our stay, I noticed a few wandering sheep on the road.  Where did they come from?  We are in suburbia, not staying in the country.  Luckily they moved onto someone’s property as we got on our way.  I was worried they they would run down the road in front of us, as sheep often do, and cause an accident.

PA050084 Sheep on the road

We made it safely home by late morning, and then the real work started.  In came the food, and the clothes.  The fridge was washed out, the bathroom cleaned, the bed stripped and remade, the towels changed, and the floors vacuumed.  All nice and clean for the next trip away.  Then the caravan was backed around the corner into the motor-home parking area.  Whew – can we stop for lunch now?  

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