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Friday, October 24, 2014

Labour Weekend at Foxton

Looks like we are in for a windy old weekend at the Manawatu Caravan Club grounds in Foxton for the long Labour Weekend.  The wind seems to be getting stronger, so we haven’t had a chance yet to sit outside.  Luckily there is a hall available for our Heretaunga caravan club members to use.

Here for the long weekend

The Manawatu Caravan Club is not a touring club like us, but have static caravans on their own sites in the extensive grounds, as well as ten or so sites available for visitors.  Five of our caravans arrived yesterday and we soon got ourselves settled.  Number one priority these days seems to be getting the satellite dish pointing at the right position in the sky – most important if you want to watch a little TV in the evenings.

PA240021 Five caravans in a row

It was my birthday yesterday, so it was only right and proper that I got the evening off from  cooking duties.  So down we went to Mr Grumpy’s, the local take-away, to see what was on offer.  I had my heart set on a dozen battered oysters, but that wasn’t to be.  It’s obviously not oyster season at the moment.  But Mr Grumpy had locally caught whitebait on offer, so we ordered a large whitebait fritter each, served in buttered bread. As well as some delicious blue cod for me, and snapper for him, plus some of those fancy curly chips.  A little bit pricy for a fish and chip dinner, but the cook’s birthday is a special occasion, after all.

PA230016 Look at the size of that whitebait fritter

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