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Sunday, 12 October 2014

A knock on the door brought……trout for dinner

There was a tap on the door early in the morning.  It was our next door neighbor.  Did we know we had left the outside light on all night?  And would we care for a freshly caught trout? It had been gutted, cleaned and de-headed, he assured me.    I even had advice on how to cook it.  Place some chopped herbs, onion and lemon in the cavity, wrap in tin foil and bake in a hot oven about 20-30 minutes.  When I admitted I didn’t have a lemon, he went back to his van to get me one.  Wow – what a nice friendly neighbour.

PA120004 Care for a trout?

There are several little well stocked gardens at the Taupo camp so I went looking for some fresh herbs.  And harvested some parsley, chives, and a spring onion.  That should do nicely to put inside the trout.  And how about some of this brightly coloured silver beet too, for our evening meal.  Must be a gourmet selection,  just look at those stems – red, yellow, orange, pink, and the more usual white!  That’s dinner sorted, we’ll save the sausages we were going to have for another night.

PA120020 Fresh silver beet from the garden

Hooking up the caravan, we started on our way.  But didn’t get very far before we stopped for a photo shoot at the top of the hill.  The clear blue morning skies display a great view of the mountains across from the lake.

PA120007 Lake Taupo with a mountain backdrop

Our trip today took us through pine forests, and we travelled through the timber towns of Tokoroa and Putaruru, through the leafy green town of Cambridge, and onto Hamilton. 

PA120010 Pinus radiata trees growing

We are staying the night on a powered site at the Glenview Club, where we have been several times before.  It wasn’t long till we were set up, and had our “el fresco”  lunch under the pull out awning.

PA120012 On site at the Glenview Club

Winnie, our neighbour in front came to introduce herself, and brought her 5 year old Rag Doll cat outside to meet us, kept safe with her harness and lead.

PA120017 Rag Doll

When Muffy finally woke up from her beauty sleep, we brought her outside too.  Muffy wasn't too sure what to make of the tiny little Chihuahua dog.  Maybe it will go away if she ignores it.  All this excitement was soon too much for her, and she really wanted to go back inside, away from these pesky animals.

PA120018Muffy and the Chihuahua

We will be up and away bright and early tomorrow, as we have to drop the caravan off at the factory by 8.00am for it’s service.

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