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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Lunch in Waiouru – Happy Hour in Taupo

Off we go again – we have an appointment with the Leisureline factory in Hamilton on Monday morning for a warranty check for our new caravan.  So overnighting in Taupo is a good mid way point of our trip.  There were no complaints about the weather at all.  After battling terrible winds last week on our travels, today’s journey was “a piece of cake”.  No winds, nice sunny weather, and with two new tyres on our 4WD, we just hummed along.  Pulling into the parking area behind the National Army Museum at Waiouru, we stopped for a lunch break.  Muffy wasn’t too impressed when a little white dog from a motor home parked nearby started barking loudly at her when she sedately walked into our caravan.  Quick Mum, she was probably thinking, get me inside and shut the door!

PA110007    Lunch stop at Waiouru

After enjoying our home made corned beef sandwiches and a hot cup of coffee, it was time to check out the facilities.  What’s this -a whole lot of red poppies.  The museum has made a nationwide “Patriotic Call to Yarn” for the World War 1 Centenary Poppy Project for the National Army Museum.   Crafts people are invited to  make  a hand-crafted Poppy for each serviceman and woman lost by our nation in the Great War.  Poppies can be hand crafted in anyway, knitted, crocheted, sewn, soft crafted.

PA110009 Red poppies in the rock garden

PA110010Mt Ruapehu through the cafe window

Lunch over, we hit the road and continued driving north up the Desert Road.  The top of Mt Ngarahoe was covered in clouds and we arrived in Taupo about an hour later.

PA110023  Mt Ngarahoe

We soon found a space at the NZMCA park at Taupo Airport, always a great place to stay.Our next door neighbours invited us and another couple  to join them for Happy Hour.  Once the conversations started, we discovered that we had met up with one couple twice before at Pops, and the other couple and Robin had a friend in common.  Just goes to show what a small world it is. 

PA110034 Taupo Lake

PA110030 At Taupo Airport NZMCA site

Tomorrow we will be moving on, next stop Hamilton.

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