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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

What’s Growing?

Those sulky rhubarb plants have picked themselves up and are growing well in their new raised garden.  They didn’t take too kindly when they were pulled out, roots and all, and then cruelly split in two.  But they have forgiven us now, and are enjoying the application of copious amounts of pony poo which was dug into the soil in their home.   New leaves are unfurling, on the top of nice straight red stalks, so there may be enough to make a rhubarb crumble for dessert sometime soon.  There are some chives and parsley keeping the rhubarb company, and the chives in particular seem to be thriving.

PA220008 Rhubarb plants growing well

After lying empty for a while, growing only a fine crop of weeds, our other raised garden is now looking respectable again.  Out came the weeds, in went some tomatoe food, followed by seedlings.  Robin planted tomatoes, lettuces, some red pepper (capsicum) plants and a row of peas.

PA220009 Baby seedlings just planted

It’s a lovely Spring day, the washing is drying on the clothesline in the back yard, and the flag is flapping lazily over the front fence.  Muffy is enjoying the sunshine through the screen door, wondering if it is getting close to her meal time yet?  Anyone in the kitchen must be there to feed her, she thinks.

PA220012 Is it tea time yet?

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