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Monday, 13 October 2014

Jukebox Diner and on to Pirongia

First on the agenda this morning was to deliver our caravan back to the Leisureline factory for a few small things to be corrected under warranty, plus a service.  It is always such a busy place at the factory, new caravans are rolling off the assembly line, and other caravans come in for repairs.  Our caravan was quickly unhooked from the car, and moved under cover so that the work could be done.  Robin had a list of things to be checked, and Andrew methodically worked through it during the day.

PA130024 Our caravan back for a service

After hearing about the Jukebox Diner recently from another caravanner, we decided to go there for lunch.  There is also a classic car museum on site, but left that for another visit.  Through the doors it was just like stepping into the TV show “Happy Days”.  Cosy booths, Formica and chrome tables, red chairs, black and white tiles on the floor, and the walls adorned with posters, it was certainly a blast from the past.

PA130038 Inside the Jukebox Diner

What shall we choose?  There were several variations of the Big Breakfast, but we bypassed those and decided on a Chicken Burger and Corn Fritters with Bacon.  And as we were really getting into the swing of the 50s, we ordered a coco-cola soda each to drink.  Tunes from our youthful days filled the diner, and we listened to the likes of Elvis and the Everley Brothers.  Eating here was fun, and made a nice change.  We will have to come back on another trip to try the hot dogs and waffles,  and soak up some more of the atmosphere.

PA130041Here comes lunch

The caravan repairs took longer to complete than originally anticipated, and we spent a bit of time just hanging around and waiting.  Things were tightened, or adjusted, our back window was resealed, the braking system was checked, and it was finally ready for us to hook up and get on our way. Driving down SH39, we passed the large Temple View Mormon Church, and through lush green farmlands.  Our stop for the night is at Pirongia – originally called Alexandra.  The name was changed in 1896 to avoid postal confusion with the South Island town of the same name.


We arrived much later at our POP,  Pirongia Clydesdales and Cafe,  than we expected, after having a long day waiting around.  Luckily we did see a couple of these lovely gentle horses harnessed up, and the owners invited us to have a good look around the grounds in the morning.

PA130025 Two of the Pirongia Clydesdales

This is a completely new Pop for us, and thanks to our caravan friends Geoff and Eileen for letting us in on the secret after they stayed here recently.  It’s always so nice to stay somewhere different, and this one is a beauty, with an aviary to check out, stables, and a forge.  I’ll be outside bright and early with my camera looking for some good snaps before we head off on the road again.

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