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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Quick – Call the Inspector

It seems that we were getting only one fine,  sunny, and relatively wind free  day over the long weekend at Foxton and Saturday was it.    Our numbers had increased with the arrival of D & D, and unfortunately  two of our other caravan couples couldn’t make the rally due to health issues. Morning tea partaken outside in the sunshine was very pleasant.  Young Birman kitten Honey came to experience her first morning tea gathering with the members, and decided she wanted to check out Don and Pamela’s  caravan.  After a quick look around, she was then quite happy sitting in the doorway where she had a good view of the gathering.

PA250005 Dot and Derek, Honey peeping out the door, Pamela and Don

Eileen had been a bit poorly during the weekend, and people were starting to get a bit edgy - after all, there has been an awful lot of nasty illnesses happening overseas.  The Health Department must have been informed and they sent out an Ebola Investigator to check out her state of health.  He wasn’t taking any chances and we were pleased to see that he was suitably kitted out with gloves, headgear, and eye protection, but did wonder where he was going to poke that lethal looking length of tubing.  Luckily Eileen was declared “Ebola Free”, so she is safe to continue staying with us over the weekend.  (We don’t think she has recently been to Africa, but we know she has been to Auckland, does that count?).   It is great to know that our Health Care dollars are being spent so sensibly to quell any outbreak!

PA250008 The Inspector takes his job very seriously

The day stayed nice and sunny so we spent the day outside, eating our lunches el fresco style.  One of the “Walking Wounded” arrived in time for afternoon tea. bringing cookies for us all.  Kath had been enjoying a family get-together last weekend when she slipped and broke her ankle in two places – ouch.  After many hours spent in the Emergency Room, she was finally admitted to hospital and the damage was repaired with plates and screws.  Kath isn’t one to let a broken ankle slow her down, although that heavy plaster on her foot seems to weigh a ton.  We wish her well – although with broken bones it will be a fairly long recovery process.

PA250009 Hop-along Kath

Making the most of the good weather, the Rally Family declared that we would have a BBQ  - our first for the season.  The blokes set their BBQs up and got cooking, steak, chops and sausages, I noticed.  Meanwhile the ladies organised salads and/or vegetables.  Some lucky campers even had dessert, ice-cream, jelly and fruit.  Not us though, the cook of the house/caravan hadn’t thought of planning for dessert.  But we enjoyed some birthday chocolate (thank’s Eileen) later in the evening.

PA250011 Don and Robin tending their BBQs

In the evening we gathered in the hall, having been instructed to take coloured pens and pencils.  The task for the evening was to do a drawing of our respective caravans.  These were done with various levels of competence, and will be judged be an independent adjudicator.  My drawing level is more of the naive style so I’m not holding out hopes of getting first prize.

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