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Monday, 29 September 2014

Signs of Spring

It was “Spring Forward”  on Sunday, reminding us that Daylight Saving time had arrived, and to turn the clocks forward one hour.  Robin is in charge of this job, although we haven’t a huge number of clocks.  Mustn’t forget to change the clock on the stove, and the cars too.  The evenings will start to lengthen, and it is almost time to start thinking of barbecues. 

Blossoms cover two large trees over our back fence.  Our end of the village backs on to a very busy road and the there is a long line of trees planted which act as a buffer to the road noise.  It doesn’t seem too long ago when the trees were quite bare.  In a matter of days baby green leaves appeared, quickly followed by the white flowers.

P9290001  Trees in flower – a sign of Spring

The snow cover on the Tararua Ranges is glistening in the sunshine – so pretty.  A few neighbours were out and about enjoying sunshine too as I snapped a photo.

P9290007 A little snow in the sunshine

Our New Zealand flag is flapping in the breeze, and everything is fine in our little part of paradise.  That’s not to say that Winter has finished with us yet – there could still more bad weather on the way just to teach us not to get too complacent.  We will deal with that if and when it happens, and just enjoy today’s good weather.

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Our Life In A Caravan said...

Here in Blighty we are still enjoying warm sunshine! Long may it continue!