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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Gidday, Frederick

The Fredrock Cafe bus was in the area, so we invited the driver up for lunch.    We keep up with his travels and adventures through his blog, (do pop over and check it out)  but hadn’t seen him in a wee while.  He used his handy GPS to find us, and the big bus slowly trundled through our village as he looked for our villa.  It’s the one with the flag flying, Frederick, we should have told him. 

With our friends D & D away for the weekend, we borrowed their motor-home parking space to park Fredrock Cafe in for a couple of hours.

P9060001 Romany Rambler and Fredrock Cafe

There was plenty of news from both sides to catch up with, and then we had a leisurely lunch.  The French Onion Soup had been simmering away for hours in the Crock-pot,  and was tasty topped with some cheese topped toasted French Bread.   Nothing beats home made soup, I always think.  We finished off with a plate of sausage rolls straight from the oven, (served with Robin’s favourite Tui Tomatoe Sauce) and a lemon muffin or two washed down with yet another cup of coffee.

P9060003 Frederick and Robin finishing their lunch

After putting the world to rights, and making a decision on where he would stay for the next night or two, it was time for Frederick to take his leave.  This was delayed in the parking area where neighbours and fellow vanners Bruce and John were both doing a little maintenance on their respective motor-homes, so introductions were made.  Any new van needs checking out and the two of them gladly took the invitation to climb aboard Fredrock Cafe for a look around. 

It was great to meet up you again, Frederick, we’ll see you on the road again soon, no doubt.

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