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Monday, 1 September 2014

First day of Spring

Spring in New Zealand officially occupies the months of September, October, and November making today the first day of Spring.  Sunrise today was at 6.41am and the sun will set tonight at 6.00pm.  Roll on, Summer.

Our pot of daffodils on the patio “could do better”  with only one golden trumpet out so far to greet the Spring. Hopefully the other bulbs will produce flowers soon
P9010001 Spring is here

The yellow Boronia is doing much better with the little bush in full flower.  The perfume is divine.

P9010002 Yellow boronia in flower

We are not known as keen gardeners, but the mild weather has found Robin working in the back yard on the two raised garden beds.  First all the weeds were removed.  Then a bag of pony poo was dug in to the soil, and the rhubarb has been split up and replanted.  The next step is to plant out some veggie plants, cauli and cabbage perhaps, and maybe some beans. And not forgetting some tomatoes when the time is right.  (It’s his garden, he says, and he will plant what he wants to!)   Anything goes, and you can get quite a bit of produce out of these small plots.

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