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Friday, 12 September 2014

From Purple Haze to the Black Stump

Any day out also involves a fair bit of sustenance, we have noticed, and our “60s Up” bus trip to Eketahuna on Wednesday was no exception.  A full bus load of ladies with just a sprinkling of men climbed aboard and settled back for our day’s outing.  With friendly bus driver Peter at the wheel, we were in good hands.  This year old bus can “kneel” down in front which helps the older members get off and on the bus a little easier.  Mind you, the steps inside are still quite steep for some of them to cope with.

P9100015 Peter and Robin talking about buses

Our trip took us north, and we negotiated the Manawatu Gorge.  Then we turned off at Woodville, and it was an easy run down to Mangatainoka, the home of Tui Breweries.  Peter suggested that we might like to stop there later in the day for our ladies to try out as a Tui Girl for the next Beer advertisement – yeah, right!  Although, surprisingly, there seemed to be some interest from a couple of our members!   But our stop was not to be the brewery, but just a little further along the road at Purple Haze, for morning tea.

P9100009 Lavender bushes at Purple Haze

We have been to this cafe several times, and the owner Sally always provides lovely tasty food.    Morning tea was self service, and when everyone had poured themselves a cuppa, chosen a couple of tasty items to nibble, we settled ourselves down at the tables for morning tea.  Later on, some looked through the lavender items on sale, a few took themselves outside for a smoke, while others looked at the birds in the aviary.  The cage was full of canaries, all happy and chirping away, nineteen to the dozen, in the lovely Spring sunshine.  There is nothing like the trill of a canary, and these happy little birds were singing their hearts out.

P9100011 Canaries at Purple Haze Cafe

After our visit to Middleton Model Railway at Eketahuna, it was time to drive back to Pahiatua for lunch.  This was at the Black Stump Cafe, and the building formerly served the public as a bank. 

P9100034 Lunch at the Black Stump

This was a new cafe to us, having never been here before.  The trip organisers had arranged for a roast meal, and what a beauty it was.  We seated ourselves in the restaurant in the back of the establishment, and the busy staff delivered our meals to the tables.  With servings of both roast pork and beef smothered with gravy, roast potatoes, kumara, pumpkin, parsnip and peas, it was a great hearty meal.  (We gobbled it all up without a thought of taking a photo or two.)   Then we had a choice of tea or coffee, and a choice of a slice or cake to finish up with.  I chose a delicious little lemon meringue pie, yummy!  After a big midday meal like that, we  didn’t have to worry too much about cooking when we got home. 

The trip home was much quieter, with many of the group nodding off after our big lunch.  Myself included, and Robin had the cheek to say I was snoring, surely not, I don’t believe that!  But he was adamant – how embarrassing!  Perhaps the ladies will think it was him instead.

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