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Monday, 15 September 2014

What happened to the Sunshine?

The heavy rain came down on Saturday night while we were tucked up inside our caravans at the Levin Holiday Park.  Some of the sites were awash and we did wonder how Selwyn and Kath would get out of their van and over to the hall for morning tea without sinking up to their ankles in muddy water.  It was such a damp and squelchy  morning (but not too cold) that there was no reason to hang about the camp for lunch, we all just wanted to get on home.  I braved the rain to snap a couple of wet misty morning photos.

P9140021 Parked up at Levin Holiday Park

P9140018 Looking towards the Tararua Ranges

It was just a short drive home and we quickly unpacked the caravan – we will do the cleaning later in the week.  It was a lovely surprise to find that a couple of our beautiful purple iris bulbs had burst into flower in the front garden – it was almost like they were welcoming us home.  These bulbs have a bit of a history.  Some years ago we went with our SLG friends for a trip up to New Plymouth to see the annual Rhododendron  Festival.  The famous Pukeiti Park with it’s beautiful flowering rhodo bushes was the star of the show, but many other private gardens were also open to the public.  Our friend Rex purchased some iris bulbs at one garden and presented us all with a bulb.  Ours was duly planted in the garden when we lived at Upper Hutt and multiplied over the years, as they do.  When I knew we were moving house, I dug up a few plants, leaving some behind.  They lived in a bucket for quite some months before I finally transplanted them into our new garden.  I love that beautiful rich purple colour.

P9140023 Rex’s iris bulbs in flower

Poor Robin was starting to feel a bit poorly when we arrived home and took himself off to bed.  Just hope he isn’t  coming down with the same dreaded lurgey that D & D can’t seem to shake off.  I’m doing my best to play sympathetic nursemaid and make him feel better.  Must be just about time to make him a nice hot cuppa.

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