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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Saturday at Levin Holiday Park

After a glorious day on Friday, Saturday dawned bright and sunny and was just as nice for our weekend rally at the Levin Holiday Park.  Sadly, our Rally Family, Dot and Derek, had come down with the dreaded lurgey and were too poorly to attend.   So that was a shame, we certainly missed them.   But after all this time, we are well versed in the rally weekend timetable.  We could amuse ourselves as long as the rituals like morning teas and 4zees are adhered to.

And what a morning tea we had, with a double dose of visitors calling in to see us, laden with home cooked goodies.  First to arrive were former members Nahlene and Bruce, who moved away several years ago, and have now shifted back to the area.  Nahlene brought along some tasty savoury muffins, which she offered around to the group. 

P9130006 Nahlene with her savoury muffins

She didn’t take too much persuasion to give yesterday’s Birthday Boy a Happy Birthday kiss and a cuddle!

P9130007 Happy Birthday for yesterday

Next club members Lorraine and Charlie arrived.  They couldn’t make the weekend  rally but popped in to see us on Saturday morning.  Lorraine carried in a big basket full of freshly made pikelets along with butter and jam to spread on them.  Recovering from a shoulder operation doesn’t slow this lady down one little bit!  Thanks very much ladies, for going to all that trouble, it was most appreciated.

P9130008 But wait – there’s more.  Yummy pikelets from Lorraine.

We pooled cars after lunch and drove up to Murrayfield Museum and Cafe – arrangements previously put in place by Dot and Derek for the rally weekend.  A package deal got us into the museum, followed by afternoon tea.  Robin and I had just visited the museum just a couple of weeks ago, so we opted for only the afternoon tea part of the deal.

P9130015 Murrayfield Museum and Cafe

While the others were looking through, I wandered outside to   check on the animals.  The donkey was standing stoically in the paddock, and only approached the fence if someone had food for him.

P9130010I won‘t move till you show me the food

And here’s something you don’t see much of these days - guinea pigs.   My daughter had a couple of these  many years ago.  Wonder if you can guess who got to clean out the cage every day after the excitement cooled off?  Our guinea pigs came to a sticky end when they were killed by a nasty little terrier belonging to a neighbour.   Oh dear, that certainly upset the household.
  P9130013 One of the Murrayfield guinea pigs

And a fine looking goat

By the time I got back inside the cafe the rest of our group were exiting the  museum, and our afternoon tea was laid out on the adjacent table for us.  Tea and coffee, two different types of muffins, and scones with jam and cream.  These were the largest scones I had seen for a long time – they were huge!  But we did our best, and valiantly managed to eat most of the goodies laid out before us.  4zzees was fairly quiet – we were all too full!

Being a keen All Black supporter, Robin decided he would pop home in the evening and watch the All Blacks play the Springboks live on Sky TV.   Who wanted to join him?  Selwyn and Barry kept him company and the three of them drove off – it was only a 5 minute drive away.  About 35,000 keen supporters watched the game at Westpac Stadium in Wellington, with our three blokes barracking just as loudly in Levin.   The 14-10 victory allowed the All Blacks to retain the Freedom Cup and extend their unbeaten run at home to five years. 

All Black Julian Savea moves forward against South Africa in Westpac Stadium.
All Black Julian Savea moves forward against South Africa in Westpac Stadium.
Photo: PHOTOSPORT / Chris Symes

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