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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Double Yolkers for Breakfast

Poached eggs on toast was on the menu for breakfast – cooked up by breakfast cook Robin.  He called me to come and check the eggs out, two out of three were double yolkers.  That’s the beauty of buying free range from a local producers, we often get double yolks in our tray of eggs.

P9040007 Two out of three ain’t bad

The egg saga didn't end there, as I needed an egg while I was doing food prep for this evening.  And what did I find – another double yolker!

P9040008 Another one

It was just as well that we had a hearty cooked breakfast, as we have both been busy today.  Robin has been doing technical stuff with the computer sorting out the  router, and that took him a while.  Then I asked him  to to make a “behind the scenes” change to the blogs.  No trouble at all – that little job was done very easily.  He is certainly the techno whizz of the household – how does he know all this stuff?  And while all that high tech wizardry was going on, I was cooking up a big pan of marmalade.  It looks so nice, golden jars of yummy goodness all lined up and cooling on the bench.  Just as well we have our own particular talents in the household, isn't it?

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