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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Stop Sulking and Stand up Straight!

Those rhubarb plants have had a good talking to.  They have been sulking lately, you know.  Yes, we know they’ve had a bit of a rough time -  dug up and their roots pulled out of the garden where they were quite happily settled.  And then suffered the indignity of been split in half with a shovel though their roots.  But they’ve got a nice new bed now, with plenty of room to spread out.   Robin dug in a whole lot of pony poo to give them a good start so they can wiggle their toes in that.  (It’s our secret weapon, rhubarb just loves pony poo).  So stop sulking and stand up straight – we’re looking forward to a good crop of rhubarb as soon as these plants get a growing spurt on!


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