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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Work Bench – done!

There's been a fair bit of noise outside lately.  The whine of the skill saw, then bang, bang, bang of hammer on nails.  All self respecting sheds need a work bench, so Robin decided to make one.  Luckily there were several lengths of tongue and grooved retaining board timber left over from the raised garden, so that worked well.  It didn’t seem to take him too long at all, and there – a work bench in the shed, nicely situated under the window.  Good job!

PA200014 New work bench, complete with a few tools

With the addition of the shelving units which are currently tucked away in our lock-up, there will be spaces to put the all those bits and pieces which have been lurking in various boxes all these months.  All very necessary items they are too, I’ve been assured, that will shortly be moved out to the shed.  Fair enough – after all, a man’s shed is his castle.

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