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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Every Man needs a Shed

A bloke’s back yard is not complete without a shed, and Robin has been waiting some time for his to arrive from the factory.  The kit set shed was delivered just before we went away for the weekend, and the truckie and his mate carried the pieces one by one around to the back yard.  Robin then secured them to the fence, so that they wouldn’t blow over and get damaged while we were away in the caravan.

PA030006  Robin’s shed in pieces

Today was the day to start putting the pieces together, although the kitset didn’t come with any instructions.  Guess the company thinks that if you are going to put one of their kit sets together, you will know what you are doing, and won’t need instructions.  We had the next best thing – neighbour Bruce from our village offered his expertise and came along with all sorts of handy tools to help with the construction. 

PA080003 Assembling the floor

One by one the walls were lifted into place and nailed to the floor.  The walls were extremely heavy, and luckily everything fitted into place.

PA080012 Robin on the inside and Bruce down the back

Getting the shed into it’s correct position right back into the corner took some doing.  This was done with brute strength and the judicious use of a pinch bar to help move things along.  I was AWOL during this delicate stage so no photos available.  By the time I returned, the front wall was in place, and Robin and Bruce were looking very pleased with themselves.

PA080020 A great day’s work

Robin nailed the rafters into place, and then the roof will be added over the next day or two.  Many thanks to Bruce for all his help and expertise.  The pair of them will sleep like babies tonight after all that exertion.

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Annette said...

Do I spy Rhubarb, its looking good as will the shed! we haven't seen photos of your new sewing room yet.