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Sunday, 6 October 2013

NZMCA Park at Marton

All the overnighters had departed for parts unknown when we pulled into the Marton NZMCA campsite on Friday  We were all on our own so could choose to park wherever we wanted.  How about this one, that will do us.

PA040013 All alone at Marton

We weren’t alone too long, as one by one, the motor homes started to arrive.  Two of them had travelled over on the Inter Island Ferry from the South Island, and a large fifth wheeler was going south to do a South Island holiday the following day.  He hadn’t travelled on the ferry before and was a little apprehensive about getting his large rig safely on board, but no doubt Robin put his fears to rest with a few tips.  By the end of the day, there were eight or so settled in for the night.  In the early evening we took a walk around the surrounding streets admiring the big old houses on their large sections full of lovely mature trees.  The trees were full of birds making a racket as they settled down for the night.

The reason for our trip to Marton was so that I could visit the local quilt show, (read about it here if you are interested).  Guests came to see us in camp in time for 4zees, Tony and Maria and their daughter Emily.  They used to visit Tony’s parents Ron and June occasionally at Caravan Club Rallies many years ago, so it was good to catch up with them after all this time.

The camp is looking great, and the lawn mower contractor came and cut all the lawns in the afternoon.  NZMCA member Merv and Joan live locally and pop in regularly to keep things tidy and make sure all the campers are happy.  Or, as Joan puts it, Merv chats to the campers while she does all the work!  We mentioned how great the grounds look, and were told the NZMCA is really pleased with the number of members who use the facility.  Sadly, there are a few who refuse to pay the very modest overnight fee, insisting that it is their right to stay there regardless, as they are members.  We just can’t understand selfish people like that –if they don’t want to pay for the upkeep of the grounds,  why not go and park up on the road somewhere, and see how safe that is.

PA060001 Barbeque area at Marton NZMCA Camp

The church bells pealed on Sunday morning  and the early bird motor home drivers left as we tucked into our bacon and egg breakfast.  We weren’t in too much of a hurry, as we were travelling a reasonably short distance on to stay with the family overnight at Kiwitea on their life-style block. 

PA060002 All ready to go

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