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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Park wherever - he said

We were asked to move the caravan from it’s allotted space around the corner in the RV car park.  Why, you may be thinking, are we being evicted from the village?  Have we been playing raucous music and upsetting the neighbours?  Or perhaps our cat has gone on a killing spree and murdered someone’s pet bird?  No, non of those reasons.  The builders are all set to complete the villa which looks over the RV car park.  It has been at the “closed in” stage for some time, and the developers plan to finish it off, and turn it into the new Show Home.  A large rubbish skip is being dropped off for the builders, and the worry was that it would be too close to our caravan.  Plus there will be a lot of extra traffic in front of the villa with the contractors coming and going.

As this project will take a while, we couldn’t use the handy car park close by our villa.  The back of the caravan protrudes too much over the grass, and the caretaker was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to keep the lawn in good order with the caravan parked there.  (It is no problem using it for a day or two while we load up before a trip, just not long term). 

Park where ever you like, we were told.  There is an empty section awaiting development just outside the RV car park, so that will be Romany Rambler’s new home for a while.

PA100007 Moved out for a while


Bernice said...

Hi there, I noticed the van in the background of your photo, a small pale green van......saw one the same about a month ago with 2 elderly occupants at cape Reinga or more accurately Tapotupotu DIC camp where we had to help them extricate themselves from muddy ground by using our rubber doormats under the wheels. Would be amazing to think that they are your neighbors?

Jenny and Robin said...

It could well be that van as we know they have been up that way recently. Will have to ask them if they got rescued recently. What a small world!