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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Trains, Buses and a Cable Car

It was a “Big Day Out” today, sampling the delights of the big city of Wellington.  Takes a little longer to get there, now we are living further north.  Our day started with a 35km drive down to Waikanae where we boarded the train to Wellington.  The train trip took 60 minutes each way, stopping at stations along the way.  We noticed that a fair proportion of passengers were of the grey haired variety, just like us, all out enjoying their Gold Card free off-peak travel privilidges.

PA230004 All aboard to Wellington

PA230005This is the Kiwi version of  “Mind the Gap” 

Arriving in Wellington, we hopped on a big yellow bus through the city to attend to a couple of errands. We had plenty of time so we decided to take a ride on the Cable Car.  Well, what a crowd there was, all with the same idea.  A large cruise ship was in port and it seemed that most of the passengers were taking a ride too.  So we waited, and waited, as the line shuffled slowly forward, and the cable cars came, filled up with passengers, and left.   Soon it was our turn, and we boarded the cable car for the short ride to the top, chatting to a couple seated across from us.  They were part of a group of 40 Aussie car club members who were touring around New Zealand.  Loved the scenery, they told us, but had trouble pronouncing all those Maori place names. 

PA230016 Wellington Cable Car

There was a big building project happening at the top of the Cable Car, and the top terminal is being replaced.  Seems that the job is running a little late.  The foreman told us that the job should have been completed several weeks ago, but it looks a long way from being finished to us.

PA230013 Cable Car terminal being built

There are always such fabulous views, looking out over the harbour and the city.  There were two ships in the harbour and Soames Island is in the background.

  PA230012 Views of Wellington City

After a leisurely lunch we made our way past Parliament Buildings on the way to the railway station, passing these interesting carved stone pillars.

PA230027 Carved pillars outside Parliament Buildings

We settled down to our homewards journey, finally arriving home tired but happy after our day’s outing.  There is in fact a reason for our big day out – it’s my birthday.  So now it’s my turn to get to wear the Birthday Hat, and have fun opening the birthday cards and parcels!

PA230055 It’s my birthday


Tom and Jan said...

I used to catch the cable car to go to school when we lived in Wellington. Of course they were the old cable cars rather than those nice looking ones.

Oh... Happy Birthday Jenny.... :-)

texascraft said...

Happy belated Birthday Jenny, can you please email me your email addres have lost yours taa Janet

Katie said...

Happy Birthday. What a lovely day. :-)