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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Labour Weekend Caravan Rally

.It’s Labour Weekend shortly in our part of paradise.  And by general consensus amongst our caravan club members, we are stretching the three day long weekend to four days – just because we can.  With most of us grey haired retirees, it makes no sense to rush back home, battling with the holiday weekend traffic.  We are not going far, just 30km or so further north.  But that doesn’t matter, it’s getting together with like minded friends and enjoying ourselves doing what we like, getting away in the caravans.

Labour Weekend has always been a bit special to those in the workforce. Celebrated on the fourth Monday in October, Labour Day commemorates the struggle for an eight-hour working day, a right that carpenter Samuel Parnell from Petone had famously fought for in 1840. Our first Labour Day was held on 28 October 1890, and it has been a statutory public holiday since 1900.  Samuel's philosophy was that a man should work eight  hours, sleep eight hours and the remaining time should be for recreation.

To all on the roads this weekend, safe travels. 

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