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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Foxton Spring Fling Fair

It was pedestrian traffic only through the main street of Foxton on Sunday and we paid our $2 entry each to join in the fun of the Spring Fling Fair.  There were people everywhere, wandering up and down, and checking out the stalls which were packed with all sorts of goodies to tempt the passers by to part with some of their cash.

PA270044 Off to the Fair

The smell of the food stalls got too much for us, and we lined up and patiently waited our turn as the Curly Potatoes were cut, battered and fried.  These tasty, crispy snacks were well worth the wait, we can assure you.

PA270037 Mmm, one for him, and one for me

There was a bouncy castle and a mini carousel to keep the youngsters happy, a band belting out raucous music for the teenagers, plus numerous coffee carts to allow the adults to indulge in a caffeine fix.  Something for everyone.  We spotted an organ grinder, stopped to have a look, and gave the monkey a couple of dollars for his bucket.

PA270039 Organ Grinder and his monkey

We walked our tired feet back to the car just in time to see the horse drawn tram come clip-clopping down the road.  Quick, get the camera ready.  The tram was full of people enjoying a taste of nostalgia from yester-year.

PA270041  Here comes the tram

PA270042 Back to the depot

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