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Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Mighty Quin

With no roof on the new shed, yesterday’s heavy rain poured down into the shed unheeded.  Robin and Bruce were back on the job today, drills in hand, to complete the job.  First job was to lay the roofing materials in place, there were sheets of corrugated iron and one sheet of Nova roof (to let in extra light).

PA100001  Now, how are we going to do this?

As Bruce was the smaller of the two, he was nominated to climb up on the roof and screw all the sheets in place.  But there was an “oopsy” when the tin snips fell off the roof and down behind the shed and the back fence.  Perhaps the long BBQ tongs would reach?  But no, not long enough.  So Robin took the long way around to the track behind our fence, and manage to prise the tin snips from their hiding place.

PA100003Where did those tin snips go?

Bruce fitted the door lock, and then the flashings were riveted in place.  I was amazed at how quickly it all came together.

PA100015Fixing the roof flashings

Last but not least, the windows were slotted in place.  It took only two days and now the Mighty Quin shed is done.  Great job, guys.  Robin offered Bruce a cold beer, but he would prefer a cuppa, thanks.  No problem, I’d been busy in the kitchen all morning so had some nice fresh home baking to go with the cuppa.  We really appreciate all the help Bruce gave in putting this shed together.

PA100024 Great job, guys.

Our “Mighty Quin” kitset shed came from local company Quin Buildings.  Not the cheapest option, but well made and sturdy, and won’t blow away in the wind.  You get what you pay for, and can’t beat quality, we say.

And no, Robin doesn’t want me to make him some frilly lace curtains for his new shed!

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