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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Housie Night

Our long weekend at Foxton was certainly a busy affair, with plenty to keep us occupied.  When possible, we liked to have 4zees out side, tucked up beside one of the caravans to shelter us from the wind.   Muffy joined us too but she didn’t like the wind much either.  So Peter opened up his outside awning locker and Muffy happily hopped inside, snug as a bug, while she watched the goings on of our group.

PA260013Elaine and Peter are cold, but Muffy is sheltered in the hidey-hole

We finally managed to light the BBQ on our last day in camp.  Not everyone bothered to cook outside, but Robin was determined.  After all, it was fine and sunny, it was just that the jolly wind wouldn’t let up.  So he doggedly stood out in the windy conditions to cook our rather large T-bone steaks, which we duly ate inside in  the comfort of the caravan.  They were so big, we couldn’t eat them all, and had the left overs in sandwiches the next day.

PA270048 First BBQ of the season

Our group was invited to join in the Housie Evening in the hall, run by the Manawatu Caravan Club committee.  That was a lot of fun, and our fellow club members were on quite a winning streak.  Out of the 15 games called, Heretaunga members won 8 lines and 5 houses, not too bad at all.  Sadly, none of their luck rubbed off on us two, we didn’t win a penny back all night. 

PA270050 Calling the Housie numbers

Our club members also scooped the pool with the Saturday night “scratchie” raffle.  Selwyn won 1st prize, and Geoff and Eileen took home 3rd prize.   Hope they tell us how much they won on all those tickets.

PA270032 Selwyn won 1st prize

PA270033Eileen and Geoff won 3rd prize

The long weekend concluded with our morning tea get-together and we all recited the limericks we had been working on over the weekend.  Some of them seem to reflect the previous conversations of lap and pole dancing so couldn’t possible be repeated here!   It was a good weekend, full of fun and laughter, and great companionship, just what we usually have on our caravan club weekends away.

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