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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sunday in Hastings

The local Farmers Market is the only place to be on a Sunday morning in Hastings.  But not till after Robin had cooked our customary Sunday bacon and eggs for breakfast.  This was slightly delayed when he ran out of gas part way through and had to change the gas bottle.  With the bottle replaced, it was full steam ahead with cooking our breakfast.

The Farmers Market at the Show Grounds was full of people eager to pick up a bargain or two.  During the winter months the market is held inside the large Exhibition Hall.  We walked around the various stalls, tasting this and that, before making up our minds what we really wanted to buy.  Some money changed hands at the cheese stall, just loved the flavour of the delicious herb and garlic cheese.  And we couldn’t leave the market without purchasing some lovely fresh locally grown  mandarins and apples. 

P7060038 Inside the market hall

We called in to see the rellies for a cuppa and a bit of a chat, to see how they were after the previous day’s birthday celebration.  Driving back to the apple orchard, we drove down historic Oak Avenue.  In all the years we have visited Hastings, we never knew about this lovely road planted with huge oak trees.  Planted in the 1860s as a driveway to one of Hastings original homesteads, this mile long avenue of glorious oak trees must have been a most impressive drive up to a grand house. 


P7060044 Oak Avenue

Then it was back to the apple orchard for a late lunch, which we enjoyed outside under the awning.  It has been such wonderful weather up here at Hastings so we decided that Muffy needed to join us outside and get a breath of fresh air too.  But she wasn’t having any of that, and sat on the doorstep meowing plaintively until we opened the door and let her hop inside again.  She doesn’t like going outside much at all these days.   Her idea of a good time is curling up on the couch and having a nice long snooze.

P7060047 Let me back inside

Fellow blogger Frederick who writes his blog Travels in Retirement was calling around to visit us at our Pop in the apple orchard in the afternoon.  Then he decided he might as well stay here for a night or two.  We had a good chat catching up with each other’s news, where we had stayed recently, and our travel plans for the future.  Frederick is one of those tramping, mountain biking  and kayaking sort of guys, and enjoys his outdoor adventures as he travels around.  It was nice to meet up with him again.

P7060055 Frederick and Robin enjoying the fresh air

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