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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bread – the Staff of Life

Our SLG friends have been meeting once a month for over 20 years now for trips and outings and we have been to an awful lot of places in this time.  John organised yesterday’s outing and surprised us all by taking us to a place none of us even knew existed.  We played “follow the leader” in our cars and all pulled up into a car park in an industrial area of Paraparaumu.  Where we we going, we wondered – hope it is not to that gym we can see, our middle aged bodies wouldn’t look too good in lycra!  But no, our visit was to Paraoa Bakehouse, the home of Purebread.

P7220016 Paraoa Bakehouse

The factory owner, Robert Glensor, is passionate about his products, and makes bread the old fashioned way using bulk fermentation and organic ingredients.  From the very beginning organic was at the heart of this little bakery and Purebread proudly became New Zealand's first Bio-Gro certified organic bread.  Purebread utilises age old ‘slow’ production process, sourdough starters or fermentation methods.  This allows the natural enzymes to get working, breaking down the complex carbohydrates, which ensures easier digestion.  He believes that much of the gluten intolerance many are experiencing is partly caused by the ‘modern’ and very fast methods of bread baking, making the bread less digestible, damaging the gut causing the sensitivity.  Robert related the history of his company, and showed us around the factory as the various bread products were being mixed, cooked, and packaged. 


P7220010 Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread

We had a peek in the store room where the organic flour imported from Australia is stored.  The company buys products from some of New Zealand’s best known organic food producers, helping to support the local industry and produce the healthiest and most nutritious foods for everyone, such as the big drums of Oxford honey we saw, and many other ingredients necessary in the art of bread making.

After our tour we tasted some hot buttered toast, spread with another of Robert’s products, delicious peanut butter.  Yum, it may be an ever so humble snack, but we couldn’t help ourselves and it all went in a flash.

P7220005 SLG friends in the factory with one of the workers

As a firm believer in sustainability, nothing is wasted.  The factory turns extra bread into breadcrumbs, and donates leftover bread to food banks.  There is no shop on the premises, but Purebread is available at selected shops, or can be purchased on-line.  We will certainly be buying some – it may be a little more expensive, but it is made by hand and no one ever regretted buying quality.

After our morning bakery visit, it was time for lunch.  Where to, John? we wanted to know.  Round a few corners we drove to arrive at Breakers Cafe and Bar.  With good value $12 lunch deals available, there was something for everyone.  Robin chose beef snitzel and chips, and my choice was fish pie and salad, both nice and tasty. 

P7220019 $12 lunch deals

So that is the morning over, wonder what John has in store for us after lunch?  We will have to wait and see.

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