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Thursday, 3 July 2014

First touch of Winter

With the first touch of snow on the hills, we can be sure that winter is on the way.  Mind you, it’s been very mild so far.  Yes, we have had  rainy days, and windy days, but they haven’t lasted too long at all.  Now there is snow on the Tararua Ranges we can be sure that the temperatures are dropping.  The snow won’t be there too long, not while we are having nice sunny days.

P7030017 Romany Rambler at home with snow on the ranges


There is quite a row of tall trees behind the properties in our village which back on to a busy road.  The trees work well at filtering out the traffic noise as cars and trucks travel along at speed.  Some of the trees are deciduous and have now lost their leaves, while others are evergreen.  This long line of trees is home to plenty of bird-life, and we can hear them chattering away, nineteen to the dozen.  Now it’s getting colder, we will have to hang the bird feeder out, to give our feathered friends a helping hand over the winter months.

P7030014  Over the back fence

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