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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A Command Performance

Our new caravan still needed a few more hooks and things put in place, so that was the job for the morning.  Robin gathered his collection of handy  “Command”  hooks and sticky bits to put on the back of things, and we trotted out to the caravan.  He particularly likes to use this brand, and the hooks can be removed later if needs be without damaging the walls.  He was doing the actual work, but I was supervising.  You know what it is like - "a bit further too the right, no, a bit lower", and that sort of thing.  First to go up was our wooden sign on the pelmet  inside our doorway.   Just in case we forget our caravan's name.  This sign was rescued from our previous caravan and was quite difficult to remove.  Hence using Command adhesive strips today – rather like Velcro strips for those who haven’t came across them before.

P7150011 Name in place above the door, close by another kiwi, this one by our new fangled tank monitor


Robin was then under instruction to put a couple of hooks here and there so that I have somewhere to hang some necessary bits and pieces.  Then most importantly, the new smoke alarm had to be put in place.  The packaging clearly states that it is “toast proof”, but we will reserve judgement until it has been extensively tested.


There’s not a lot of room in the caravan, so Robin placed down towards the bedroom end.  Let’s hope it is far enough away from that pesky toaster!

P7150015 Just about here will do, he thinks

That’s another couple of jobs ticked off the list – all set for our next trip away.

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