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Friday, 25 July 2014

Chocolate for Afters

It was a matter of chocolate for afters in the afternoon of our SLG outing.  We had already seen how bread is made the old fashioned way in a small bakery, and enjoyed our our lunch at Breakers.  John had organised a visit to “The Most Amazing Chocolate Factory” in Paraparaumu.

P7220020  Step through these doors for some chocolate

Locals with long memories will recall that this business used to be known as Nyco Chocolates.  And we can remember when the factory was first established over the hill in Featherston.  Lenora Nysse was quite keen to make chocolates after her husband returned from an overseas trip with some chocolate moulds for her.  Nyco Chocolates was established in 1981 and went from strength to strength.  Son Steven joined the company in 1985 and sales grew so quickly they outgrew their premises.  It was time to expand, the factory relocated to Paraparaumu in 1992.  Today, Nyco Chocolates exports its chocolate products to Japan, Singapore, Australia, Middle East and Pacific Islands.  They also specialise in private label chocolates for businesses and weddings, and manufacture the chocolately treats which go into commercial ice cream and baking products. 

Our group was there to take a tour through the factory.  But first things first, we had to follow procedures and cover our hair.  In Robin’s case, that meant his beard too.

P7220022 All ready for the chocolate tour

A seemingly never ending stream of warm white chocolate gurgled away in the machine and our the tour guide demonstrated filling the moulds  to make the chocolate cups.

P7220023Under the chocolate fountain

These can be filled with all sorts of goodies, topped up with chocolate again, and popped into the refrigeration unit to set.  In this case, jelly beans were added into each cup.

Jelly Bean choccies

The large moulds, such as hollow Easter Eggs or Rabbits, had chocolate added then they were placed on a spinner.  This ensured that the chocolate got into every little nook and cranny.

Two halves of an Easter Egg

We were offered tastings as the processes were explained.  Then it was through the factory doors again we were let loose in the retail shop.  Now, what to choose?  The sign said if we buy three bags it works out cheaper!  One bag of peppermint  chocolates, one of  hokey pokey, and the last bag had manuka honey in the filling.   That should keep us going for a while.

P7220028 All these goodies for sale

Then it was back to John and Jan’s home for afternoon tea, and yet another natter, and put our feet up for a while before heading off to our respective homes..  It was a great day out, thanks to John for organising it for our SLG friends. 

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