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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Hello, Mrs Brown

We spent a hilarious morning at the local movie theatre yesterday watching “Mrs Brown’s Boys, D’Movie”.  The film sees Agnes Brown go to court to protect her family's stall at Dublin's Moore Street market from a wicked Russian businessman who wishes to convert it into a shopping centre.  These market stalls have been handed down from mother to daughter for generations and have been slowly picked off by making stall holders offers they cannot refuse.  Mrs Brown’s stall is the next to be targeted, and she is sent a huge  bill for unpaid tax left by her grandmother.

Three Russian thugs do their best to intimidate the indomitable Mrs Brown and her family.  But there is a group of blind Ninja Warriors out to help her, and Grand-dad calls in his old army mates to lend a hand.  And seeing Rory in his man-kini was a sight to behold!  After a car chase through the city, Buster rides to the rescue on horseback clutching the missing piece of evidence to save the day.

All good fun, in the very best of Mrs Brown’s style.  I have to admit I didn’t really like her much when she first appeared on TV, but quickly got hooked on the humour.  Good on you, Mrs Brown, great to see the little people winning against those nasty rich developers who wanted to wipe out some of the city’s history.  If you are a fan of Mrs Brown’s Boys, you will certainly enjoy this.  The theatre was full to bursting, so much that we had to sit in the very front row.


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