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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Feeling the Cold in Eketahuna

We can look forward to a really chilly night here in Eketahuna, if the afternoon temperatures are anything to go by.  We are only stopping overnight, en route to our weekend caravan rally to be held in Masterton.  Here we are parked up on the hard, so we are not exiting the van onto the wet grass.  It didn’t take too long to get the  wind up TV aerial pointing in the right direction, so we have good reception.  With the heater going flat out, we sat down and enjoyed our lunch in solitary splendour.  Except for a couple of permanents, we are parked up alone while we wait for our travelling companions to join us.
 P7170021 All alone in Ekatahuna

Our original plan was to park on the lawn.  But Eketahuna must have had more than it’s fair share of rain, as these sites were all muddy and slushy.  “Keep off the Grass”, the sign warned.  It must be very boggy underfoot, soft enough for caravan wheels to sink in and get stuck, no doubt
P7170020 Too wet for these power sites on the grass to be used

We spotted a car and caravan driving down the steep entrance road  to the camp mid afternoon – Geoff and Eileen had arrived.   With a little help from Robin guiding them, they were soon parked up where they wanted to be.  So now there are two of us.  The afternoon was spent chatting, drinking coffee, and watching the rain set in.   We didn’t even get around to having 4zees – that must be a first!  Then we headed back to our own van to organise the evening meal.

P7170025 No longer alone

It’s almost time to switch the electric blanket on to warm up the bed, and with the heater still going we should be nice and toasty tonight.  Not like the tourist couple from Belgium who arrived at the camp a while ago.  They are going to sleep in their car tonight, they told us.   With the rain and cold overnight temperatures, it could well be a very cold and uncomfortable night for them, we expect.  Perhaps we will give them a passing thought when we are tucked up warm and cozy in our bed.

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