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Friday, 11 July 2014

No Longer Nameless

After weeks of being “nameless”, our new Leisureline is now sporting some new Romany Rambler signage.    Jamie from Parsons Signs called around today to put the new signs in place.  First we had to choose the colour, no problem there, it had to be burgundy, she who knows these things declared.  Then decide on the script.  These sort of signs are all computer generated these days.

The sign on the back went on first.  Jamie brought his own ladder to provide him with some much needed height, and got to work with his pencil and ruler to make sure the sign was centred correctly.  He smoothed it in place, then peeled the backing paper off, and finally gave it another rub down to dislodge any small air bubbles.


P7110003 The sign at the rear of the caravan

Robin had decided that while we were ordering the signage,  he would quite like a name put on the spare wheel cover too.  This was a bit different, and was  made white to contrast with the black vinyl of the spare wheel cover.  That one looks good too.

P7110008 Spare wheel cover at back

Then the final sign went on the front of the caravan.  The whole thing didn’t take very long at all, and we can recommend Parsons Signs for doing an excellent job.

P7110006 Last one going up

There we are – all nicely named, and ready for the next trip away.  Do give us a friendly wave if you pass us on the road.


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