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Saturday, 5 July 2014

A day with the Rellies

The expected frost didn’t happen in Hastings overnight  – although it was chilly in the caravan during the evening.  But nothing that the heater and electric blanket couldn’t handle.  We awoke to a pretty sunrise showing up against the bare apple trees.  It was going to be a good day.

P7050001 Sunrise in the apple orchard

We had a busy day planned.  First was a visit to Arataki Honey at Havelock North, for Robin to replenish his honey supply.  With one of his empty pots filled with Manuka honey, pricey but oh so delicious, and the other filled with clover, Robin was a happy honey connoisseur indeed.  He was really after a pot of Rewarewa honey too, but sadly that wasn’t available this time.

P7050004 Filling the empty honey pots

Arataki Hawke's Bay, located at the original site in Arataki Road, Havelock North, was started in the 1940s and is still is managed by members of the original family.  The company employs 40 employees working in beekeeping, processing, administration, tourism and retailing.  The large attractive Visitor’s Centre is free to look through, and is full of interesting displays, and a very busy tasting area.  It is a magnet for tourists and locals alike, all after some of that delicious honey.

P7050007 Photo taken at Arataki Visitors Centre

Then it was time to visit the rellies.  We had travelled up to Hastings to attend my sister Kathleen’s 70th birthday.  With family and friends invited around for a birthday lunch there were lots of gifts to open. Various family members had travelled to be with Kathleen, including a couple of cousins I  only seem to catch up with at funerals.

P7050014 Happy 70th Birthday, Kathleen

P7050022 Three sisters, Jenny, birthday girl Kathleen, and Karla

We enjoyed a lovely lunch, spent time chatting to the guests, munched a chocolate éclair or two, and had lots of family photos taken.  Not forgetting reminiscing of days gone by, and about family members no longer with us.  As I said to Kathleen during the day, there was only one thing wrong with her turning 70 this year.  With only 15 months between us two sisters, it will be my turn to celebrate turning 70 next year!   It might not be so bad if I get a big birthday  balloon too.

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