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Saturday, 1 February 2014

A BBQ Breakfast

We are making the most of the good weather, especially now those pesky wind seemed to have died down.  After enjoying our evening meal on the BBQ last evening, we decided to cook our Saturday morning breakfast outside too.  On the menu was bacon and eggs and tomatoes.  Not just ordinary fried eggs, these are known in caravan club circles as Benton Eggs.  The secret is to get a slice of bread, carefully cut a circle out of the centre, and drop the egg inside.  This keeps the egg nicely in place and it doesn’t run everywhere.  This recipe isn’t really our own invention, we saw another caravanner cooking eggs this way, and goodness knows who first came up with the idea.

P2010011 Flipping the bread and eggs over

The warm weather is certainly making our small garden grow.  Our rhubarb plants are growing amazingly well  and we are enjoying cooked rhubarb with our breakfast cereal.  Silver beet is coming along well, and we have just picked our very first tomatoe.

P1280009 Our first tomatoe

While the weather is staying so nice, we may as well have another BBQ tonight.  What shall we cook?  Perhaps some homemade hamburger patties, served in big bread rolls, that should do the trick.

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