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Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Morrinsville   calls itself “Cream of the Country” and is in the Waikato, situated between the Kaimai Ranges and the Waikato River.  Set on easy rolling terrain, surrounded by some of the best farmland in New Zealand, just the right sort of country for dairy herds. 

We are currently camping  on a POP on a dairy farm, and have power, water, and toilet available.  Our friendly hosts Graham and Fiona have made us feel most welcome.  Fiona is a very keen gardener, and we whiled the hot afternoon away today sitting on the lawn under the shade of the three large shady Silk trees.  What bliss to be sheltered from the hot sun, while enjoying the fresh country air.

P2250001 .Our POP in Morrinsville

Poppy is the resident house dog, a tiny bundle of energy.  A miniature Fox Terrier, she is on the go all day long.  She is quite happy to have campers on her property, and brings her chew toys along to worry while she keeps us company.

P2250004 Poppy, alert as always

The town is named after the brothers Samuel and Thomas Morrin, from the Scottish town of Lockerbie, who purchased land as an estate and to house the estate's workers in the late 19th century. The brothers hired Irish navvies from the gold fields to dig an extensive network of drains to dry the land, enabling it to be used for intensive agriculture.

P2250011Morrinsville Centennial Clock,  donated by the Rotary Club

We took a trip downtown to replenish the fridge and see what Morrinsville has to offer.  The main street is decorated with colourful pots of flowers.  It seems a very prosperous town, without any of those rows of empty shops which other towns seem to have in abundance.  With a population of 6500, it certainly seems quite a go-ahead place.
P2250005 Downtown Morrinsville

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