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Friday, 28 February 2014

Caravans and campers Galore at Mystery Creek

It was almost overwhelming looking through the brand new caravans and campers on display inside the complex here at Mystery Creek.  We looked through well known brands such as Trail Lite, Jayco and the lesser known Baileys and Dethleffs.  Climbed in and out of the huge 5th wheeler Rockwoods and Ultimas with their slide-outs and all the bells and whistles.  It’s fair to say we were all caravanned out.  And for something completely different, we listened as the salesman extolled the virtues of the Krappatowa.  Aimed at tenters, we presume, this is a tow along full size portable toilet and shower combination at the back, and a kitchenette with a small sink and gas rings in the front.  Will it catch on?  Who knows.

P2280047 Tow along mobile bathroom

Just as well we have purchased three day passes into the show, as it really is too much to take in the first time around.  A few small purchases were made, some Aqua Green for our chemical loo, and a new mat for outside the caravan door.  It looks huge, but this was the smallest size available.  According to the blurb, this matting will not kill the grass – this grass where we are camping looks pretty dry and almost dead already, we notice.

P2280059 Robin putting our new mat in place.

While we were away checking out the merchandise, people still kept arriving with their vans, and our relatively roomy area has been filled up with even more people here to enjoy the show.  We heard unofficially that there are about 450 rigs on site.

P2280057 Filling up fast

In the afternoon Robin went to catch up with members of his on-line forum who he often exchanged messages with.  He was pleased to finally meet Neddy, Zukiwi and Dene and others, after chatting on-line to them for some time.  There was excitement in the evening when we found out that there was to be a human interest story about the Camper Care Show on TV1.  Our new found friend who drives Fredrock Cafe was featured, and there was a quick flash of me walking into our caravan carrying my pink laundry bucket.  Must admit I felt rather like a TV celebrity when I started to receive texts from friends back home!  Blink and you missed it, but with the wonders of modern TV, we could replay the programme an hour later, and we sat and watched my 5 seconds of fame again.

We will be back at the show again tomorrow checking out the things we missed the first time around, such as the retro caravans on display.  And Robin is keen to attend a couple of seminars too - so it will be another busy day again tomorrow.

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Our Life In A Caravan said...

It would be interesting to know the model of the Bailey's on show so that I could do a price match back here in the UK! Becareful you dont come away with a new caravan!!!!