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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Moving on to Hamilton

The rain has stopped, the sun is out, and the cicadas are calling loudly all around us.  What a shame we have to move on today, we could happily spend several more days in this lovely camping spot.

Camping at Katikati

Our host Robert has farmed here for 30 years, he told me, and feels it is probably time to move on.  As well as growing kiwifruit, he runs herds of  both beef cattle and deer.  He added the camping facilities as an extra interest, and brings a little extra into the coffers, no doubt.  The camp has it’s own brand of rustic charm and the notice hanging crookedly on the wall of the utilities block reminds everyone that this is a “Self Service Camp”.  The fees for a powered site are very reasonable, and the washing machine is free to use, so we can certainly help and mop the shower floors after use.

P2210079 Our Self Service Camp

There are several permanents in camp, two couples who are camping here while their  new houses are being built.  Up on the rise by the ablution block is a large blue and white bus named Temptation.  And on the back of the bus is written these words:

P2210084 Temptation

The lady from Temptation used to own Birmans, she said, and cooed over Muffy.  She was taking her  ginger Maine Coon kitten for a walk on a harness and lead around the camp and called by to say hello.  The kitten was a beauty, with huge paws, a sure sign that he will be a very large cat when he matures.  They have two other Maine Coons spending time in a cattery, we were told, while they are waiting for their house to be completed.

Then it was time to hook up, say goodbye to the others who we will meet up with later in the week, and continue on our way to Hamilton.  We drove through the Karangahake Gorge, and noticed many cyclists were enjoying the cycle track beside the river.  At one stage the track took them across the bridge over the river, to disappear into the hillside, and they exited out of the tunnel quite some way further on.

P2230004 Karangahake Gorge

Must admit that it is a bit disconcerting when you use the public loos and they talk to you.  That’s what happened when we stopped at Ohinemuri Park at Paeroa.  “You have a maximum of ten minutes” the disembodied voice said once we had locked the door and going about our business inside.  Wonder what would happen if you overstay your allotted ten minutes in the loo?  Once safely outside again, we couldn’t resist posing with the “World Famous in New Zealand” Lemon and Paeroa bottle.
P2230007Kiwis love L&P

Just down the road a little we found what we had been looking for, a roadside stall selling avocados.  At only $2 a bag for ten, that’s a bargain!   They are great in salads, as a dip, and also on a slice of breakfast toast with lashings of freshly ground pepper.

P2230010  Great value

We finally reached Hamilton, and the Garmin directed us to our overnight stop at the Glenview Club.  There is a huge area for parking.  About a dozen motor-homes were already parked up, with room for twice that number.  Great facilities too, including a laundry room – guess who made a bee-line for that?  There is also a shower and toilet available for the campers.  We are off power tonight, however, there are plans to put several power connections in shortly.

P2230012  Must be laundry day again

It’s a shame we will only be here for one night, but tomorrow morning we have to be up bright and early and on our way to drop our caravan off at the Leisureline factory to get some work done. 

P2230013 At Glenvue Club, Hamilton


Nomadic Endeavour said...

Lovely pictures - and the temptation line really made me laugh. Thanks for posting.

Jenny and Robin said...

Hi, nice to hear from you, and pleased that you got a laugh.