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Friday, 7 February 2014

Waitangi Day at Eketahuna

Two more caravans joined the rally and helped bring our numbers up a little yesterday.  Bill and Barbara arrived first, and announced that they were finally moving into the 21st century – their caravan was now certified to self containment standards and they are joining the NZMCA.  This was welcome news, as now all our club members have self containment.

Selwyn and Kath caused quite a ripple of excitement when they arrived in camp towing a new caravan.  They are now the proud owners of an Eldis Crusader Typhoon.  Everyone gathered around to check it out, and we were given a grand tour inside.  The natty set of retro caravan cushions go nicely with the burgundy upholstery.

P2060033 Selwyn and Kath’s new caravan

P2060027Retro style cushions

There was an intriguing looking door which had everyone very interested to check out.  Seems it is a narrow cupboard for such things as gumboots and coats.

P2060028 Derek investigating the mystery cupboard

We enjoyed lunch outside together in the Eketahuna sunshine, but in the middle of my cooking duties the gas bottle ran out.  Luckily Robin had loaded a spare bottle in the back of the 4WD and he soon had the empty one off and a new one in place.  Then we were soon  “cooking with gas” again.  It’s always a bit of a mystery just how long a gas bottle will last, particularly as we have attended the occasional off power rally and run the fridge on gas.

P2060024 Off with the old and on with the new

It was nice to take advantage of the sun shine as the weather man promises that rain is on the way for the weekend.  This camp is surrounded by large trees and we have seen tuis and fantails out and about.  Then someone spotted a kereru (wood pigeon) perched up high in tall tree, his plump white chest feathers gleaming in the sun shine, and the blue-green feathers on his upper body and head glitter with purple-bronze iridescence.  Kereru feed on buds, leaves, flowers and fruit from both native and exotic trees.

P2060031 Kereru sunning himself

We were kept busy watching campers as they rolled into the camp during the day, and set themselves up on the site of their choice.  Robin was impressed with the 5th wheeler driven by a pair of Aussies – he would dearly love one of these rigs for himself.  Eketahuna is a small camp, well off the beaten track, so we are amazed that so many overseas tourists seem to find their way here.

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