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Monday, 17 February 2014

Can’t complain about the weather

Our weather has been glorious lately.  Hot and sunny, just like it often is in February.  Too hot to sit outside unless you are sheltering under a shady sun umbrella.  So we can’t complain at all, especially when we see the recurring news of the devastating weather in both UK and USA.  I’m sure all those cold, flooded people, with their power cut off,  would like some of our good weather for a change.

We hope that this good weather will be sticking around for a while longer, as we are hitting the road again in a day or two.  Robin has been pottering around with our 4WD, checking the connections, the tire pressures, and has been to top up the fuel.  Tomorrow we will move the caravan to the front of our villa, and get on with the packing. 

Our cat Muffy knows how to cope in this hot weather.  Jump up on the bed and sleep the afternoon away.  When she awakes, she will walk out to the kitchen, loudly demanding we feed her.  Cats certainly have a good life, don’t you think?


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