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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Off to shaky town - Ekatahuna

We’re packing up the caravan and leaving home  once again, heading off for a long rally weekend at Ekatahuna.  On Thursday 6th February the country celebrates our national day, Waitangi Day with a public holiday for those in the workforce.  So we decided to hold our caravan club rally from Wednesday to the Sunday. 

Moving our caravan from it's allocated site around the corner to the visitors car park in the front of our home prior to going away makes it so much easier, and we  can plug the power to chill the fridge down.  The clothes are packed, and some of the food, and the last minute things will be added in the morning.

P2040011 Parked outside our villa overnight

The large 6.2 earthquake a couple of weeks ago was centred 16km from Ekatahuna and the small town got quite a shaking.  The local supermarket made the TV news showing quite as mess as bottles were smashed all over the floor.  The quake was felt strongly in both the North and South islands, with multiple reports of damage from those closest to the quake.  I contacted the motor camp to make sure that everything was still standing and it was safe for our group to attend.  The only damage was to a hot water cylinder which split, but this has since been replaced.

So, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that there will be no more earthquakes during our 4 day weekend at Ekatahuna.

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