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Saturday, 8 February 2014

River Walk

We took another walk along the Cliff Track yesterday, making the most of the good weather before the predicted rain arrived.    Our group of ramblers were keen to check out the old swimming pool, where we had heard the local kids making shrieks of laughter as they splashed in the river the other day.


There was a very steep track leading down to the river which needed a bit of care to negotiate.   The broken rock on the bank was reflected in the water looking just like a scary mask, Robin thought. (Can't see it myself, though).

P2070037 Reflections at the old swimming pool

We had to duck our heads to get under a large tree growing over the track, and leaning over the cliff down to the river.  Guess it will topple right over and down into the river in years to come.

P2070041Our group of happy walkers 

When we arrived back in camp we found that the last arrivals for the rally weekend had arrived.  Don and Pamela bring the number of club caravans to five.  The camp also had a steady arrival of tourists in camper-vans looking for an overnight stay.

We gathered under the veranda for the evening and as it was Waitangi weekend, everyone had been tasked with writing a small poem about our wonderful little country.  Not that we are biased at all – but New Zealand is also known as “Godzone” (God’s own country).  Most people took the time to put something in writing, and Bill wrote a wonderful long poem about Captain Cook, and there were several interesting shorter poems read out as well.  My own offering went like this:

I’m pleased I’ve been to Scotland, where the purple heather thrives
And seen the sights of London, where history comes alive
But New Zealand is my birthright, with it’s mountains and it’s streams
I’m proud to be a Kiwi, and it’s coloured all my dreams
We travel around our country, and explore this land of green
From northern tip to way down south, there’s not much we haven’t seen
I’ve English blood and Scottish, with a bit of Romany too
My relatives were settlers here, makes me Kiwi through and through
I’m glad I’m born a Kiwi, and although I’ll sometimes roam
When I’ve had my fill of trips abroad, I’ll gladly come back home

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